Like This Love That FAQs

The answers to all your questions…

Personal Wine Buying Service? Sounds Expensive… Well actually not. We believe that great wine service should be a part of every purchase so there is no service charge. We’d prefer you simply enjoyed your wines and told your friends about us. Our prices are competitive because we don’t have all the costs associated with having a store.

But do I have to buy expensive wine? Great wine can be found at almost every price point. As a guide, we recommend a minimum average price of $15 per bottle to give you a great range and great quality. Your choice expands exponentially as you move up the price scale, and we’ll happily help you find the best wines for your taste at any price.

OK, are you affiliated with any brands or chains? Like This Love That is completely independent. Every bottle of wine we recommend is a bottle that we have enjoyed ourselves. We support passionate, high quality producers; not the ‘home brand’ labels that are heavily promoted in the major chains.

Good to know; How much will delivery cost me? It depends on where you are. We use Australia Post for our parcel delivery. Indicative prices are $10 per dozen within Melbourne and $20 per dozen for delivery to Adelaide or Sydney (other regions POA). We’ll confirm with you before we charge you anything.