Chris and Merrily’s Registry

Welcome to Chris and Merrily's Wedding Registry!

Chris & Merrily

With a long history of cohabitation behind them they have decided that the best mementos of their wedding will be wines, to enjoy with each other and their close friends (that's you!), both now and into the distant future. To help, they have engaged the services of Like This Love That, a personal wine buying service, and prepared a handpicked list of wines that they'd love to have in their cellar.

To make it easier, there are four categories of wines:

School Night Wines ($25-60): Whether it be sharing a wine or sharing some time together, don't let a school night stop you!

High Maintenance ($60-150): The courtship is over, there's no need to be flashy to try and impress each other: unless old habits are hard to break...?

Somethin' Special ($150-300): Wines that will be around for the long haul. For celebrations where you're celebrating the fact that you have someone to celebrate with.

The Dowry ($300+): Icons, Unicorns, Once-in-a-lifetime wines. Breathtaking in both their quality and scarcity. Of much greater utility to Chris and Merrily than a herd of goats

You're free to mix and match, and if you're finding it a bit hard to make a choice then just look for the 'lucky dip' in each category - which will enable Chris and Merrily to make a selection of their favourite wine from the category that you have chosen.

Please leave your message to Chris and Merrily in the comments box in the check out page, and after their wedding they will receive a ready-made cellar, complete with messages of love to remind them of all of you.