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Having a party? Bored with the wedding registry selection at David Jones? Look no further.

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We’ve all been there – great party, great venue, terrible booze. Choosing fantastic wine for your wedding (or other party) need not be a chore, nor expensive, nor a selection between a range of terrible wine options. When you trust your party selection to LTLT, here’s what you can expect:

  • A free consultation about the scope of your event, and the sort of wine(s) you’re looking for
  • A ‘tasting pack’, so you can try a range of wines with your friends and family and decide which best fit your brief
  • Delivery to your event (or to your caterer’s), with tasting notes to guide your guests and bar staff.
  • Most importantly – great booze to share with your nearest and dearest!

If you want to know a bit more about my attitude to party-wine, I wrote a blog about it once

Wedding Registries:

Been living together for a while? Perfectly happy with the performance of your kettle, iron and toaster? Why not do as a few LTLT’ers have done and use your wedding registry to build a wine collection?

You can expect:

  • A consultation about the type of wine you want and how you’d like to separate them into fun and easy categories for your guests to choose from
  • A custom-built shopping page for your friends and family to visit
  • A cellar full of delicious mementos by which to celebrate your partnership and remember your guests

Even if you don’t want specific wines, you can get your guests to contribute towards a post-wedding wine consultation and we can build your collection up after the event.